Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Reflections on the past few days.

I am still finding it hard to believe that Barack Obama is President Elect, the events of last Tuesday still bring a smile to my face and I know the world knows that Change has come. However let me be clear the road ahead will be difficult and sometimes I will disagree with the Obama's presidency and when that happens I will speak out - you can be certain of that!!!
Life in Rochdale is okay, we are currently campaigning against plans by the local Council to give developers green space in Rochdale's oldest Park called Springfield Park to build a driving range, this decision is immoral and does nothing to promote healthy living for working class people who struggle to pay for golf classes and deserve free open green space for citizens and their families.
I am taking a lot of political hits from people within Rochdale, politicians, media and others for campaigning to save this park - in years to come future generations will judge us on what we do to preserve our green spaces and I hope our Council thinkls again

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