Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pastor Jones should be banned from the UK

The decision of the fascist EDL to invite US Pastor Terry Jones to the UK demonstrates Mr. Jones real agenda of racism and fascism and his presence here is not conducive to good community relations in the UK. We are a tolerant and peaceful society that prides itself on its diversity and are keen to see communities come together not be ripped apart.
I am a strong defender of free speech but when someone who will incite hatred towards Muslims and furthermore there is a real threat of violence then the Government must ban that person. I would remind Mr. Jones that the UK is proud of British Muslims, our heritage and our contributions here. We are an integral part of our great country and if you come here to promote hatred and division then stay home.
Mr. Jones claims he is a man of Christianity but the great faith of Christianity teaches tolerance, respect and Jesus came to eradicate racism not encourage it – Mr. Jones’s comments and actions run counter to Christianity.

The Home Secretary must not hesitate to ban him from entering the UK, if this does not happen then the Government will be responsible for the division that will ultimately happen if he is allowed to come.