Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP membership list leaked!!!!

I call on the Government to identify from the leaked BNP Public Sectors workers including Police officers, Teachers and Army staff to ensure that they are dismissed from their jobs.

Continued membership of a fascist and racist party is not compatible with the values and ethos of public service. Further more these people will not be able to meet the requirement under the Race Relations Amendment Act to promote good relations between different communities and provide a fair and equal service to minority communities.

I pray tribute and thanks to the new Chief Constable of Greater Manchester police Peter Fahy for his forthright and clear condemnation of the BNP and support for equality.

I hope the Government seriously outlaws membership of the BNP for Public sector workers including teachers, police officers, army and civil servants.

How can these racist thugs provide equal service to minority communities when they promote fascism and hatred for these people in our diverse society, I pay tribute to Peter Fahy for his strong words of support against the BNP, he is a breath of fresh air. Let’s see action now from the Government.

Now is the time for real action to prove that there can be no place for racists and fascists in our public services”

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