Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Jewel of Medina Novel - Author Sherry Jones contacts Ramadhan Foundation

Following the publication today in the US and soon in the UK of the Jewel of Medina the author Sherry Jones has contacted me and the Ramadhan Foundation setting out her views on this issue and the problems we face in relation to publication. I am the Foundation has always been open to debate and dialogue and by this engagement I am keen to ensure that despite strong differences we should always choose dialogue and peaceful engagement.

I still oppose the publication of this novel and urge all people of faith around the world to come together and stop our faiths being denigrated in this disgusting way.

I can confirm that this week that the author of the Jewel of Medina Sherry Jones has contacted the Ramadhan Foundation about our campaign against her novel and has made representations, I welcome this dialogue with her as an opportunity to ensure that we continue to discuss why we strongly oppose her novel and let her know the hurt she is causing Muslims.

Denigrating figures and symbols of faith is not acceptable and we should all come together, trying to use freedom of speech as an excuse to hide hatred for Islam is cheap and obvious.

I urge Muslims to remain calm and ensure that we campaign peacefully against this novel