Saturday, 18 March 2006

Milosevic cheats justice

The burial of Slobodan Milosevic today is puts to rest the most evil man Europe has seen since Hitler at the time of the second world war.

He has cheated justice for the hundreds of thousands of people he has killed in the nineties.

He is rotting in hell and gets what he deserves from God

Thursday, 2 March 2006

Ming is Leader!!!!!

It has just been announced that Sir Menzies Campbell has been elected as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Chris Huhne was second and Simon Hughes came third. Whilst you are all aware that I supported Simon Hughes I still believe that the leadership election has put us in a very strong position to challenge for the next election.

I will not deny that I am disappointed that Simon Hughes did not win, I believe that he is one of those people who was the best leader that the party never had. I am glad that Ming has been elected and I look to working with Ming and the team to reach for the sky.

Ming will have to show that he is serious about making the party representative of the community we aspire to lead. I believe it is sick and shameful that we do not have a single Ethnic Minority Member of Parliament, we need action on this now.

But that debate is for the future, today we congratulate Ming and his team especially Maxine!!! And I offer my support to Simon and Chris, you both have great talent and the party is stronger as a result of your work.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Tonight on DM digital SKY Channel 817

I will be appearing on the Week in Review programme on the Ethnic Minority Sky Channel DM Digital tonight, I will commenting on issues in the news and offering my own blend of comments on the issues in the public eye.

You can find DM Digital on the Sky Satelite TV on Channel 817, all watch and let me have your views on this issue.

Secondly I think it is very worrying about the issues out of the Tessa Jowell saga, we should await until Sir Gus O'Donnell the British Cabinet Secretary reports on the inquiry he has launched.