Monday, 22 May 2006

Home Office cocks up again

Theres been a reshuffel in the home office, Tony Mcnulty is replaced by a two week hold minister Liam Byrne, he just arrived two weeks ago.

Foreign criminals are on the lose, we dont know how many, the CRB are giving false record checks to innocent people and the IND officials are offering visas for sex, how worse can it get?

Tony Blair talked about being tough on crime and the causes of crime, in this he has failed, crime has gone up, rape, murder and criminal damage on the rise.

A blind process towards drug dealers, prostitutes in the communities in the UK

Time for New LAbour to admit they got it wrong and replace the home office with anew department, manageble and a fresh start.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Ming Campbell is on notice

The election results were very bad for the lib Dems, we should have made serious gains against Labour in their heartlands, Ming Campbell has said this was not a test of his leadership well I think it is, he is failing to take the party forward and is struggling against the youthful Blair and Cameron.

In Prime Ministers Questions he is failing to make an impact, I think he has until the Autumn Conference to improve things - if he fails to do this then there is sadly no option but for him to resign, the Liberal Democrats cannot be on a sliding scale down, it is only up we need to go.

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Is this the end of Tony Blair??

The Labour party lost over 300 seats in the recent local elections, Blair sacked the home secretary, Prescott is playing away and its time for an end to the Blair premiership, let me have your thoughts

Saturday, 6 May 2006

elections 2006

Last night there was council elections in England, the Liberal Democrats did excellent in Rochdale, we took seats from Labour and held two seats against the Tories. We did however lose Shah Wazir, our Deputy Leader in Central and Falinge.

Can I just pay tribute to him for all the work he did and I know he will be back.

I hope that this is the beginning for the Councillor election myself in 2007, watch this space.

The lib dems did horrendus in this election, consolidation is not the goal, we should be making gains against Labour, God help us!!!!!!!!!!

Is Ming Campbell nearly over before he has began?