Friday, 28 May 2004

Mohammed Shafiq

Friday 28th May 2004
hi there everyone, this is the first time i'm writing this, well it's Friday here in the UK and it's an extended weekend as it's a bank holiday on Monday. Very busy at work, meeting Clients, meetings with Ministers, colleagues and managers. Bit fed up in my current location, it's a small office in Greater Manchester and just haven't seem to settled in. I have to say some people are great whilst others....

So it's a long weekend, painting the small room at home and then maybe spending time with my wife and newly born baby, i have to say i saw the British National Party's election broadcast, it was a load of s****. It was full of inconsistencies and falsehoods, it spread hatred and racial diffences when we should be celebrating our different diversities. We need to vote on June 10th to keep them out. Celebrate our different cultures and beliefs, speak soon, have a good weekend all.