Thursday, 6 November 2008

Obama is president elect of the USA!!!!

After an emotional and tearful night watching the results coming in from the US it was declared that Senator Barack Obama was elected President in a landslide, my eyes filled up with tears when the result came through because I remember the suffering of Black people (Imean this in the political sense), the slavery, oppresion and racism over the past 100 years.
Many lost their lives for freedom from oppresion and racism and today the United States have elected a Black Man as president, today all Ethnic minorities can dream to be leaders of their countries.
I met Senator Obama in 2006 before he began his campaign in Michigan, he was charsmatic, honest and had this ability to relate to different people, I knew then that he would make a great President.
Having said all this we need to see dramatic change to foreign policy in the US, an end to occupation in Iraq, a less aggressive foreign policy and where the integrity of independent nations is respected, where international law and institutions are respected and also where Guantanamo Bay is closed and torture is outlawed.
President Elect Obama has a great unique opportunity to make a real different to the world and I hope that really does change Washington, he has my best wishes, prayers and support over the coming days and months ahead.

The only worry I had of the campaign was whent he right wing media and neo cons tried to label Obama as a Muslim, as if this was an evil thing, I'm disappointed he did not attack those that demonised Islam and Muslims, the irony is that General Colin Powell, the Secretary of State at the time of the illegal war in Iraq tackled this issue a few weeks ago by saying American Muslims should be treated no different.

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Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

This Presidential Race and Senator Obama’s victory on November Fourth
Think this is only about the first African American President, you are wrong
It is about Americans coming together positively with their lives henceforth
African American Brothers, the message is this, BE MEN and BE STRONG

Show the World we can stop killing and start building great roads to success
Help our great young people in colleges to do extremely positive things in life
If children are to succeed, REAL ADULTS must help them through this mess
Brothers, we must become MEN helping SISTERS with all the toil and strife

Stop spending hours on end, just watching sports and playing lottery machines
It is pass time we spend more hours helping our children with their homework
Many mothers and fathers today are not MEN and WOMEN but mere teens
It is not the teens fault but the fault of their parents who have gone berserk

Come on, stop falling for all the games being played on us on a daily bases
Adults must take better care of children and stop leaving them to drug dealers
Our children’s names need to be inside schools and colleges, not court cases
Instead of all these destroyers, our young people need thousands of builders

Young people are not reaching out to adults these days for very good reasons
Instead of inter-acting with our youth, adults are walking around like zombies
If youth are going to survive adults must start helping them without hesitation
If adults paid more attention to our youth, they could see they have admiralties

Reading this message, if you care about our children, start doing something
We show our young people some real love and support they will surely change
If we continue to ignore them, nothing but death and incarceration will it bring
If we do not help children, our enemies will not need to go to the gun range

You are tired of my messages, good, because I am tired of the young deaths
There is a need for “REAL CHANGE”, let us help Obama stop the drama
Children need to be once again enjoy life while taking calm and happy breaths
Americans must realize, this victory is not “Just About President–Elect Obama”