Friday, 14 November 2008

Muslims have woken up!!!

Gordon Brown has delivered a speech in New York yesterday about interfaith and intolerance, in it he talks about action to isolate extremist groups and stop young people being attracted to these groups.
Firstly there is a real threat from terrorism and extremism, there is no getting away from this. There are some so called Muslims who are getting distorted opinions to justify this evil act. Muslims around the world have seen from scholars from all parts of Islam have seen total condemnation of terrorism and extremism, I am clear that there is no difference amongst mainstream Muslim scholars on this issue. We have seen a sea change in the Muslim community to this threat, no longer are people ignoring this threat and the community is focused on reclaiming the agenda and ensuring that those that promote violence and hatred are not welcome in our community.
I think we have started that debate to convince them that there path is wrong and violence in never justified.

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Matthew said...

More and More the So Called Muslims with Distorted views of the world are the PEACE loving, Freedom loving, Equal Rights for all (Men and Women) Muslims. The Mainstream Muslim is the radical! The Mainstream Muslim is Moral Police who see themselves of doing Gods work when they are teaching Hatred of Americans and Jews.
It is amazing when Muslims stand up for the rights of Men, Women, Americans, Jews, and each other. It is more amazing when they actually mean it!