Wednesday, 27 April 2005

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hi all

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hi, it's 8 days to go, very excited by the election, MPac a muslim lobby group have distributed a leaflet in Rochdale asking Muslims not to vote for Lorna Fitzsimmons, the Labour MP who voted in favour of the illegal war in Iraq, she has recently refused to apologise for misleading her consituents. I think its time for her to go now. even her own consitutency party asked her to vote against her war and she still defied them.

MPAC were wrong to bring in the fact she is a friend of Israel, however We should be proud to call ourselves friends and supporters of the Palaestian cause. If you condemn or attack Israeli aggression this does not make you antii jew, MPAC are to be congratulated on their work for Muslims awareness to the power they have in marginal seats.

had a baby daughter on Saturday!!! Sleepless nights

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Tuesday, 26 April 2005

election fever!!!

hi all

its finally the election, the prime minister called it for 5th may, the country faces a stark choice between a return to the past, 18 years of conservative government, a racist party that is obsessed with immigration, were Bush's cheer leaders in the campaign to use military action in Iraq, they have the blood of muslims on their hands, or Labour who started the war on a false pretence, WMD - none found, no apology from labour for misleading the British public.

We can vote for the Liberal Democrats, a party that opposed the war, use your vote on 5th may for the Liberal Democrats, a part that stands for Justice, equality and honesty, something labour have failed to deliver.

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