Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Turkey's EU membership

Turkey is not to be welcomed into the EU as its a Muslim country, poor and also the leaders think its a Christian club. We need to welcome muslim nations like Turkey, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo to the EU to encourage cooperation and good relations between all.

the no votes in the referrendum were a vote against the EU leadership, Chirac, Schroder etc not enlargement, you cannot have enlargement and then exclude counturies just because opiniion polls suggest this.

Let the talks begin on entry for turkey, let's celebrate this!!!

I welcome Tony Blair's stance at the recent EU summit, he did the british cause well and i know the country welcomes this, he is absouletely right that we need to have a debate on finance and this needs to include CAP and french subsides

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Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Conservative leadership election

The conservatives are going through the custom of a leadership battle, bloodletting, backroom deals, we always talk about democracy and how good it is, well the tories want to take the power away from members and return it to MPs. How absurd is this!! the Conservatives need to realise that the members are the key to returning to power, but i have to confess that i enjoy watching this regular event just to see them so consumed with hatred for each other, if the tories had any sense four years ago they should have elected Ken Clarke.
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Monday, 20 June 2005


there will be a by election in Cheadle soon, can anyone who wishes to help please get in touch with me by emailing me on shafiqjcp@yahoo.co.uk

I am confident that we will retain the seat.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2005

hi from rainy Bolton

hi all

i think we won't get a summer this year!!! Just to let you know that the Muslim unity convention that we are organising in August will be going ahead on the 7th, from 10am - 6pm at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. It is the first kind of event in the UK with Muslim Scholars from all over the world, check out the website for further information:


or ring me on ++447814 835912

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Sunday, 12 June 2005

it's Sunday

Hi all

I am trying hard to put down my thoughts on the news, yesterday we had the G8 Finance Ministers in London as they agreed to write off debt for poor countries in Africa. Whilst this is welcomed we need to go further in ensuring that the international community gives more, not as charity but because of common humanity.

The European Constitution is dead, so let it rest in peace, we need to see a more honest debate on Europe, it must be on honest facts rather than lies.

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Thursday, 9 June 2005

hello form sunny Sheffield

I have often felt the need to write my blog down but never have enough hours in the day to do this. I am currently in Sheffield attending a Review event, I'm on a Management Development Programme in my workplace and we are facilatating the event. Work is great at the moment, i really feel i am going somewhere, i'll let you know when I get there!!!

The Liberal Democratic team is Westminister is very good at present, we have some real talent and I look forward to their contribution in the coming months and years ahead.

I must offer my deepest condolences to Patsy Calton MP's family on the news of her death. I campaigned in Cheadle many times for her and I know she is a great loss to Cheadle, the Lib Dems and her family. I hope her family can take courage from her hard work in Cheadle and I know I will miss her. Her thoughts and vision will live on for many years to come. Her children should be very proud of her achievements.

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