Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mumbai under siege from terrorists

I totally condemns the terrorist attacks tonight in Mumbai, India. These evil and despicable attacks have one aim and that is to kill innocent people. I express our concern for Sajjad Karrim MEP and many other innocent people that are caught up tonight, they are in our thoughts.

I am shocked and saddened at tonight’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I condemn them without any reservation and our thoughts tonight are with the victims and their families. All faiths reject this evil menace of terrorism and we should work together to build tolerance and respect and resolve conflicts through dialogue and discussion.

I am also concerned at the captivity of Sajjad Karrim MEP in the Taj Hotel; we hope and pray for the safe release of Sajjad and all those others captured tonight.

There can be no justification for this evil and I hope these strong words will send out the message that people of faith are disgusted by this evil.”

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