Tuesday, 29 June 2004

Where is the summer?

Hi there, it has been an eventful weekend, it was my niece’s birthday on Saturday so a full family get together, really enjoyed spending time with the family. Then it was laying about on Sunday.

My interview on Friday for the Diversity and Equality Officer went well, I started bad, as I was confused as to what the question was about, but I did ask her about it at the end and she said she had sufficient answer to cover her concern. Should find out this week.

Thursday, 24 June 2004

hi there

It's been a long time since i posted anything, been feeling very unwell, will be having an operation soon, nothing serious. just got back to work today, so will write a detailed listing tommorrow or on Monday.

Friday, 18 June 2004

Friday 18th June 2004

Well where do I start, it has been a very busy week! The week started on Saturday with the grand conference in remembrance of my father who died 15 years ago. It was well-attended and very inspirational, thank you to all those who came and made it a very memorable day. I apologise for not posting all week, as I was busy all week in meetings in Manchester, Salford Quays and Leeds. Not much more to tell at this stage but will speak to you soon.

Thursday, 10 June 2004

Super Thursday!!!!

It’s super Thursday, when millions of people in the UK have the opportunity to vote in local Council, European Parliament, London Mayoral and Assembly elections. Today you have an opportunity to register your anger at the situation in Iraq, please vote for the Liberal Democrats.

No post over the weekend as it’s the grand conference in Rochdale, for further details check out my website on www.mohammedshafiq.org.uk

Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Cloudy Manchester!!!

Hi there, where do I start, it’s quite cloudy and windy in Manchester, suppose we will get some rain. The weather or lack of sun is the only thing that gets me down in Manchester.

Been successful in getting an interview for a Team Leader job at work, it’s this afternoon, not enough time to plan for the interview as I was told only yesterday afternoon, will have to wait and see how I get on.

Tuesday, 8 June 2004

Hello from a very hot Manchester

Hello from a very hot Manchester

Hi there, I am certain that you are the main driving force over your personal development at work, I have recently been successful in obtaining a place on a Management Development programme in my organisation, it’s through sheer hard work and persistence that I have been successful. I am in the process of getting new development opportunities, will keep you upto date.

Went to the conference in Birmingham, it was great, inspirational and I left feeling content with the spiratual enlightment I received. Our conference is only few days away in Rochdale, you must try to attend if you can, for further details check out my website on www.mohammedshafiq.org.uk

Have a great day!!!!

Friday, 4 June 2004

It's Friday!!!!

Well it's the weekend again, it's only been a four day week but so glad it's friday. Well i'm attending the Sunni Seal of Prophethood International Conference in Birmingham on Sunday. It's a conference about Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as the seal of the Prophets. We in the Sunni group believe there will be no prophet after him and that he is the seal of prophet, anyone claiming to be a prophet is a imposter and liar. Over 200 Muslim scholars will be there, can't wait.

Work is great, I'm on a Management Development programme in Work and have been chatting to my Mentor, she's quite high up in the Orgnanisation and i'm looking forward to her help, support and friendship. The hard work now starts!!!!

That's it really for now, will post my comments on Tuesday as i'm in meetings all day on Monday, have a good weekend

Wednesday, 2 June 2004

Very long day

Hi all, I’ve just had a very busy day, demanding clients and colleagues at work, it is amazing how demanding people can me!!!! My personal development seems to be moving in the right direction, will have some news on this soon, hope it’s good news. The election is only 8 days away, don’t forget to vote, no vote no choice. Vote for Lib Dem Candidates!!!! Missing my wife and baby loads as they are away for a couple of weeks, the big conference in Rochdale is nearing, loads of planning and stress involved!!!! Speak soon

Tuesday, 1 June 2004

: blog entry

im testing this out to see if it works, supposedly I can entry my blog entry via this email address, so lets see what happens

Back to work

Back to work

I've come back to work today after the bank holiday, for those of you outside the UK this our spring holiday when we have an extra Monday off. So where do I start; my wife and beautiful daughter have gone to stay with her brother for a few weeks, empty house and peace and quiet!!!! Have been busy putting posters up for our memorial event for our father who passed away 15 years ago; it's a Muslim religious event to remember him and the great Muslim saint Hazrat Khawaja Zindapeer (May Allah be please with him). It's happening on Saturday 12th June 2004 in Rochdale, see my website for more details on www.mohammedshafiq.org.uk

Work is great at the moment, got a couple of new jobs lined up, will let you know the outcome soon. I have to say something very important, the elections on June 10th are a great opportunity for those of you like me who opposed the illegal war in Iraq and the continued illegal occupation to give the sitting Government a bloody nose; a vote for Labour is a vote for their action in Iraq, please vote for Liberal Democrat candidates as they were the only mainstream party to oppose war and continued questions on Iraq are still been asked by Charles Kennedy and his team, vote for Lib Dems in local, European and London Mayoral elections, thats Simon Hughes MP in London, the best man for the job of Mayor, a vote for Ken Livingstone is a vote for an illegal war in Iraq, do not be deceived by Ken's insistence that he opposed war and that a vote for Labour is a vote of confidence in Blair actions in Iraq.

My colleagues in America please vote for John Kerry to oust Mr Bush, he is so out of touch with reality. More on this soon.