Thursday, 27 November 2008

Councillor Neil Trafford is killed!!!

I have just returned from abroad and heard the dreadful news that Councillor Neil Trafford, City Councillor for Didsbury Ward in manchester City Council has died, I am deeply shocked and sad at this tragic news, it had such a promising future ahead of him.
I remember at the Conference in Bournemouth this year, being the soul of the Party, he was highly talented, liked, experienced and hard working campaigner and will be missed.

He will be missed by many in the North West, our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues, such a tragic loss.

Mumbai under siege from terrorists

I totally condemns the terrorist attacks tonight in Mumbai, India. These evil and despicable attacks have one aim and that is to kill innocent people. I express our concern for Sajjad Karrim MEP and many other innocent people that are caught up tonight, they are in our thoughts.

I am shocked and saddened at tonight’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I condemn them without any reservation and our thoughts tonight are with the victims and their families. All faiths reject this evil menace of terrorism and we should work together to build tolerance and respect and resolve conflicts through dialogue and discussion.

I am also concerned at the captivity of Sajjad Karrim MEP in the Taj Hotel; we hope and pray for the safe release of Sajjad and all those others captured tonight.

There can be no justification for this evil and I hope these strong words will send out the message that people of faith are disgusted by this evil.”

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP membership list leaked!!!!

I call on the Government to identify from the leaked BNP Public Sectors workers including Police officers, Teachers and Army staff to ensure that they are dismissed from their jobs.

Continued membership of a fascist and racist party is not compatible with the values and ethos of public service. Further more these people will not be able to meet the requirement under the Race Relations Amendment Act to promote good relations between different communities and provide a fair and equal service to minority communities.

I pray tribute and thanks to the new Chief Constable of Greater Manchester police Peter Fahy for his forthright and clear condemnation of the BNP and support for equality.

I hope the Government seriously outlaws membership of the BNP for Public sector workers including teachers, police officers, army and civil servants.

How can these racist thugs provide equal service to minority communities when they promote fascism and hatred for these people in our diverse society, I pay tribute to Peter Fahy for his strong words of support against the BNP, he is a breath of fresh air. Let’s see action now from the Government.

Now is the time for real action to prove that there can be no place for racists and fascists in our public services”

Friday, 14 November 2008

Muslims have woken up!!!

Gordon Brown has delivered a speech in New York yesterday about interfaith and intolerance, in it he talks about action to isolate extremist groups and stop young people being attracted to these groups.
Firstly there is a real threat from terrorism and extremism, there is no getting away from this. There are some so called Muslims who are getting distorted opinions to justify this evil act. Muslims around the world have seen from scholars from all parts of Islam have seen total condemnation of terrorism and extremism, I am clear that there is no difference amongst mainstream Muslim scholars on this issue. We have seen a sea change in the Muslim community to this threat, no longer are people ignoring this threat and the community is focused on reclaiming the agenda and ensuring that those that promote violence and hatred are not welcome in our community.
I think we have started that debate to convince them that there path is wrong and violence in never justified.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

After 17 months of unimaginable cruelty, Baby P finally succumbed

I am horrified that the trial of a mother, her boyfriend and her lodger who spent months abusing a small baby has ended without those in social services, police and NHS staff that failed to protect the child that cant be named for legal reasons when they met the child more than 60 times. For the Haringey Council Director of Child Protection to launch an inquiry into her own department is like asking a murderer to investigate their own crime.
The most sad thing is a small innocent baby that was in the care of these sick people is abused, thrown around a room as if they were a doll, spat at, ribs and bowns broken and just left to fester on their own is beyong comprehension and is so evil I cannot begin to describe how I fell reading and watching about this case.
It's times like this I wish the death penalty was brought back for these scum. I am disaapointed that it became a political issue at PMQ in the House of Commons - watching David Cameron and Gordon Brown go at each other like cats was deeply worrying and off putting - to be fair to David Cameron he asked genuine questions because I suspect he was moved by the cruelty and failures of social services to protect him, Gordon Brown was wrong to turn this into a political football - the poor child lost their life and was subjected the most evil abuse and that is what we should all focus on ensuring never happens again.
My thoughts are with the Child's father and his family

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Reflections on the past few days.

I am still finding it hard to believe that Barack Obama is President Elect, the events of last Tuesday still bring a smile to my face and I know the world knows that Change has come. However let me be clear the road ahead will be difficult and sometimes I will disagree with the Obama's presidency and when that happens I will speak out - you can be certain of that!!!
Life in Rochdale is okay, we are currently campaigning against plans by the local Council to give developers green space in Rochdale's oldest Park called Springfield Park to build a driving range, this decision is immoral and does nothing to promote healthy living for working class people who struggle to pay for golf classes and deserve free open green space for citizens and their families.
I am taking a lot of political hits from people within Rochdale, politicians, media and others for campaigning to save this park - in years to come future generations will judge us on what we do to preserve our green spaces and I hope our Council thinkls again

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Obama is president elect of the USA!!!!

After an emotional and tearful night watching the results coming in from the US it was declared that Senator Barack Obama was elected President in a landslide, my eyes filled up with tears when the result came through because I remember the suffering of Black people (Imean this in the political sense), the slavery, oppresion and racism over the past 100 years.
Many lost their lives for freedom from oppresion and racism and today the United States have elected a Black Man as president, today all Ethnic minorities can dream to be leaders of their countries.
I met Senator Obama in 2006 before he began his campaign in Michigan, he was charsmatic, honest and had this ability to relate to different people, I knew then that he would make a great President.
Having said all this we need to see dramatic change to foreign policy in the US, an end to occupation in Iraq, a less aggressive foreign policy and where the integrity of independent nations is respected, where international law and institutions are respected and also where Guantanamo Bay is closed and torture is outlawed.
President Elect Obama has a great unique opportunity to make a real different to the world and I hope that really does change Washington, he has my best wishes, prayers and support over the coming days and months ahead.

The only worry I had of the campaign was whent he right wing media and neo cons tried to label Obama as a Muslim, as if this was an evil thing, I'm disappointed he did not attack those that demonised Islam and Muslims, the irony is that General Colin Powell, the Secretary of State at the time of the illegal war in Iraq tackled this issue a few weeks ago by saying American Muslims should be treated no different.