Wednesday, 12 November 2008

After 17 months of unimaginable cruelty, Baby P finally succumbed

I am horrified that the trial of a mother, her boyfriend and her lodger who spent months abusing a small baby has ended without those in social services, police and NHS staff that failed to protect the child that cant be named for legal reasons when they met the child more than 60 times. For the Haringey Council Director of Child Protection to launch an inquiry into her own department is like asking a murderer to investigate their own crime.
The most sad thing is a small innocent baby that was in the care of these sick people is abused, thrown around a room as if they were a doll, spat at, ribs and bowns broken and just left to fester on their own is beyong comprehension and is so evil I cannot begin to describe how I fell reading and watching about this case.
It's times like this I wish the death penalty was brought back for these scum. I am disaapointed that it became a political issue at PMQ in the House of Commons - watching David Cameron and Gordon Brown go at each other like cats was deeply worrying and off putting - to be fair to David Cameron he asked genuine questions because I suspect he was moved by the cruelty and failures of social services to protect him, Gordon Brown was wrong to turn this into a political football - the poor child lost their life and was subjected the most evil abuse and that is what we should all focus on ensuring never happens again.
My thoughts are with the Child's father and his family

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