Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Well it’s been quite some time since I wrote my blog, work s very busy. Last Wednesday I was in London for work meetings, during my busy schedule I took some time to listen to some of the pro hunting protesters outside parliament. Their case was tarnished by the storming of the House of Commons and the violence shown by a small minority of thugs intent on violence. The case for a hunting ban is great and the vast majority of the public support a ban.

The pro hunting lobby claim civil liberties and their freedom is being eroded, all I can say is where were the lobby when Iraq was illegally invaded, where were they when Stephen Lawrence was murdered, where were they when the rights of justice were taken away from innocent people prisoned in Camp Delta. It smacks of double standards that the pro hunting lobby claim a ban on hunting infringes their human rights. We need to understand that the group needs to make a better case if those of us who are keen human right campaigners will make the time to listen to their case.

Well done to the government for introducing this bill and MPs should stand firm against the unelected House of Lords. Great result for Manchester United against Liverpool last night, it ended 2-1 to Man Utd, good to see Rio Ferdinand back and on form. Lets hope this is the beginning of the revival watch out Arsenal and Chelsea.

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