Monday, 27 September 2004

Hello form a dull Manchester

The latest news on Ken Bigley is good, he is still alive and I hope he is not hurt. I want to say what a delight it was to see the two leaders from the Muslim Council of Britain who have travelled to Baghdad, this shows the world that the Muslims in Great Britain are great believers in human rights and will work with all to ensure that innocent civilians are not hurt or beheaded. I take comfort that if the kidnappers were to kill him they would have done it already. Lets hope and pray he is alive and well.

The Labour Party conference got under way yesterday, it is clear they see the ‘Liberal Democrats’ as a credible threat, hence the reason why cabinet ministers were attacking the Lib Dems. You know the Lib Dems have it right when the Tories and labour turn their fire on them. I hope the country joins the Lib Dems in the battle to change Britain.

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