Wednesday, 1 September 2004

I am back to work after the bank holiday weekend. Spent most of it suffering from Flu, slowly recovering but a pain – can’t smell anything not even my after shave, issay miyake my favourite!

One thing I forgot to tell you is I support Manchester United football team; it has been a bad start to the season, players off injured or ill. Not a good way to start, five matches in we’re 5 points behind Arsenal and Chelsea, lets hope it gets better. Glad today Wayne Rooney is coming to United, cannot wait to see him.

Work is very demanding; I am in the process of ensuring that the Department’s Race equality Scheme is implemented successfully. Some good news the Department I work for has achieved 4th place out of the 10 best Public sector organisations in the Race for Opportunity Benchmarking, I believe we are a market leading and setting the standards for others to follow.

I have great pride in working for my employer and hope we get a decent pay rise.

Speak soon.

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