Thursday, 7 February 2008

Banning of Shaykh Yusuf Al Qardawi

I want to expresses my total condemnation and concern at the banning of Shaykh Yusuf Al Qardawi from visiting the UK for medical treatment. The Government have pandered to the right wing xenophobes who wish to isolate and demonise Islam and Muslims.

Shaykh Al Qardawi is a voice of moderation and is widely respected across the international community, he has spoken out against terrorism and totally condemns 9/11, 7/7 and other terrorist attacks. I am concerned that this will fuel the anger Muslims have towards the Government and Politicians like David Cameron who jumps on bandwagons to demonise Islam and Muslims.

There are many people in the BNP and the far right that project violence and hatred towards minorities yet this Government does not take any action, this banning smacks of double standards, one rule for Muslims and one for non Muslims.

I urge the government to rethink this decision and allow him to come to the UK for medical treatment.

I am clear that the Government is pandering to prejudices when it made this decision.”

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