Thursday, 7 February 2008

I welcomes the comments and support from the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for the introduction of Sharia law in the United Kingdom for civil matters. These comments from Archbishop Williams are testament to his attempts to understand Islam and promote tolerance and respect between our great faiths.

The introduction of Sharia Law for civil matters in the UK will allow British Muslims to seek religious ruling for matters that UK courts do not pass judgement on, Sharia law is widely misunderstood and this intervention from Archbishop Williams will reinstate the debate based on facts not right wing headlines.

I do however express concern that Archbishop Williams did not speak publically against the comments made by Mr. Nazir Ali about no go areas, it is now clear that his article was false and in fact there are no go areas for Christians in the UK. Without the strong condemnation from Archbishop Williams when certain figures try to promote intolerance Muslims will take the silence as authority and support for such comments.

I will continue to work with the Church of England to build understanding and respect for our two communities”

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