Thursday, 24 January 2008

Rochdale's Labour candidate panders to the BNP

I am clear that the role of the Mosque has substantially changed over the past decade. With more 2nd generation youngsters wanting to hear and learn Islam in English. We have consistently believed that the Mosques must wake up this challenge, understanding and speaking English is now an essential part of the Imam role. This also means that Young people should make every effort to understand their mother tongue and work hard to build a wider understanding of both cultures and languages.

This sort of politics breeds division and allows those on the far right to take advantage, the central principal is that the running of the Mosques are an internal matter for the Muslim community, how would readers feel if Muslims were dictating to Christians or Jews how to run their pray sessions or Churches and Synagogues.

Politicians of all parties have a duty to ensure that they do not jump on every bandwagon that passes through, the challenges for the Mosques are very clear and I do believe we are seeing change happening on the ground.

The legacy of this Government is one of the Iraq War, long term detention, discriminating anti terror laws and losing of personal data, it is interesting that Mr. Danczuk is not willing to talk about the wider important issues facing our country.

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