Thursday, 3 January 2008

Benazir Bhutto is killed

Last Thursday Benazir Bhutto, Former Prime Minister of Pakiistan was killed in a terrorist attack in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I conducted over 300 interviews across the world about this evil act and my response. Yu can watch the interviews on YouTube or read some of the coverage in the written media below.

Tears for martyr Benazir - (Guardian Newspaper, Asian News, The Observer)
Mohammed Shafiq, of the Rochdale-based Ramadan foundation, called for the elections to be postponed `as a mark of respect' and added: "This is a tragic day for Pakistan." But he said there was no suggestion the violent demonstrations in Pakistan would be replicated in Greater Manchester.

Reactions Of Grief At Benazir Bhutto's Assasination (Sky News, Yahoo, Timesonline)

British political campaigner Mohammed Shafiq said: "This has destroyed any chance of election in Pakistan. It will cause more friction and more problems."

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