Thursday, 29 November 2007

Recognised for providing positive image of Muslims

This is from one of the most read bloggers....

And we've saved our final few words for one of Britain's best respected and most widely recognised moderate Muslims, Mohammed Shafiq, who even as we type is actively seeking to ellict some semblence of common sense from the powers that be in Sudan.
Kudos, to you, young Mr Shafiq.

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Richard said...


It's my pleasure to have contributed in some small way, and I'm flattered that you should choose to cite/quote me here at your site.

Having family retired to live in secular Muslim (Southern) Turkey, I regularly spend (nothing like enough) extremely happy & enjoyable times there each year. Both my close family members living there, and those of us who visit regularly could NOT be treated better ANYWHERE - by genuinely, wonderful warm hearted none fundy/none zealot ordinary people.

And that, incidentally, is as a 1% minority among a 98% Muslim poulation - the other 1% being Jewish.

As an aside, being a granddad, that's how I am greeted and refered to by almost all the younger Turkish Muslim generations that I meet and am constantly warmly welcomed by - "Granddad". In fact, truth be told and sad to say, I am, as a 'senior,' treated in the main with more respect there than here.

Please keep up your good work - EVERYONE can only end up the better for such honest to goodness determination/dedication.

We are ALL - part of the whole.