Monday, 12 September 2005

When will the Jewish community reach out?

I invited the Jewish community representatives to the recent Muslim Unity Convention, they attended and listened to the speeches of some outspoken guests like Yvonne Ridley. She made a blistering attack on Israel and the Government's policy of oppresion towards Palestinian people. They in returned said that we the Ramadhan Foundation used the Jeiwsh representatives to launch an attack on Jews, this is far from the truth.

Whilst I do not subscribe to some of her views I believe she is right in highlighting the oppression that is carried out in the name of fighting terrorism and extremism, for example how can making 100s of innoncent people homeless due to the fact that a sucide bomber was from their house or block be fighting terrorism.

Israel and it's supporters need to recognise that if you wish to attack all those that criticise Israeli policy as Anti Jew is counter productive and will enable those that try to divide us more successful.

Let's wake up to the oppresion that is carried out in the Middle East, not just by Israel but also Arab countries that have a horrendous Human Rights Policy. Why is the world not speaking out against this oppresion.

I recently had to write to the Jewish Telegraph who launched an attack on me and the Ramadhan Foundation for allowing Yvonne Ridley to make her comments, I mean where is the Freedom of speech in this case, she never advocates violence.

I support the right of people to have freedom of speech, let those in the Jewish Community campaigning to restrict this great British Value proceed with caution.

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