Thursday, 29 September 2005

Labour's censorship of free speech

Yesterday during Jack Straw's speech a 82 year old man heckled him, he was dragged by Labour Party stewards towards the exit and thrown out, a person who tried standing up for him was also ejected. The 82 yearold man called Wilfred was charged under the Terrorism Act, how inhuman and undemocratic, it does not mean that over the Iraq issue you try to stop debate.

The country needs to accept that the Labour Conference is very stage managed and they do not allow any dissenting voices to be heard. It is a sad indignity of the labour party that this goes on, despite the leadership apologising, it still goes on.

The Labour party should be ashamed of its self.

Last night's programme on the role of god in politics was very good, I thought I performed well under the spotlight and from the intial feedback I think I did well. Thank you for all your kind words over the past few months.


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