Sunday, 18 September 2005

Making Impact at the Lib Dem Conference

As you know this is the first of many blogs live from the Lib Dem Conference happening in Blackpool. I have today done two interviews with Sky News and BBC News on Trevor Phillips comments on multi Culturalism, I have to say it is not a failure and we are living in a multi faith and multi cultural society, it is succeeding and will continue to succeed.

Secondly there will be a motion on Ethnic Minority Parliamentary candidate selection, I am please to say there is a motion to have at least one Ethnic Minority candidate in the selection process.

I have had meetings with Charles Kennedy MP, Paul Rowen MP, Paul Holmes MP, Nick Clegg MP, John Thourso MP, Tom Brady MP, Mark Oaten MP, David Laws MP, Gender Taskforce. I am hoping to have further meetings with MPs and seniotr party officials throughout today.

Speak soon

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