Thursday, 13 March 2008

Murder of Archbishop Rahho in Iraq is crime against humanity

I expresses my total disgust and anger at the brutal murder of Catholic Archbishop of Mosul Paulos Faraj Rahho, this senseless murder goes against humanity and we express our deep sorrow to the Catholic Church and community around the world.

Islam urges us to stand with those that are oppressed around the world, whatever their nationality or faith, the killing of religious leaders that work to promote peace and understanding in Iraq goes against the very basic principles of Islam.

I urge the United Nations to order an independent investigation into the circumstances of Archbishop’s kidnap and subsequent killing and we urge the Iraqi Government to bring the culprits to justice. There should be no hiding place for these evil people anywhere in the world.

I expresses its total disgust, anger and condemnation at the senseless murder of Archbishop Rahho in Mosul, Iraq. The killing of religious leaders in unacceptable and we offer our condolences to Archbishop’s family and the Catholic Church.

I call on the United Nations to begin an independent inquiry into his murder and urge all concerned to cooperate. There should be an international campaign to protect religious leaders from all faiths from intimidation, threat or violence.

I know that all the faith leaders will join me in paying tribute to Archbishop Rahho’s work and calling for the protection of faith leaders.”

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