Monday, 11 September 2006

Labour in turmoil

The Labour party is in total turmoil, Tony Blair is forced to annouce that he is standing down as leader of the Labour party, the one thing he refused to do.

He is a lame duck Prime Minister, i think he should go now.

Below a report from Nick Robinson, BBC Political Editor, from his blog:

What, said some, was the point of Tony Blair staying in office now that he's said he's going. On this trip to the Middle East he's tried to come up with one answer. He's presented himself, and seems to be accepted, as an envoy promoting Middle East peace. To those who say that's impossible given his support for America and for Israel, Tony Blair replies that's precisely why it is possible. He's offering to use his influence to secure American backing, and an Israeli signature, on any future peace deal. First in the Palestinian territories, then in Lebanon, he was accepted on those terms, despite angry public protests at Britain's role in the war on Lebanon. Cynics will say they remember the prime minister, soon after 9/11, claiming that the kaleidoscope had been shaken, that the world could be remade, starting, he said, with bringing justice to the people of Gaza. His reply is a simple one: You can only keep trying.

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