Saturday, 2 September 2006

David Cameron and the environment

Today the Friends of Earth and the Conservatives called for the Government to introduce a bill in the Queens speech tackling pollution and carbon emissions, this Government has failed to deal with this issue effectively in the past nine years.
What is surprising is that the Conservatives have been silent on this issue for so long and now Dave is in favour, well about time too!!!
The Liberal Democrats look forward to the Conservatives actually announcing some policies on the environment, we are the only party to have consistent policies and records on the environment.
I have been watching David Cameron he is just a new Blair, very big on PR and Spin, no substance, I think since being leader he only has three policies.
In my eyes they still the most bigoted and racist party and that will never change, remember eighteen years of misrule.
However on a positive note I welcome the support from Dave Cameron and hope the Government also be forthcoming with support on this issue, this should be cross party.

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