Wednesday, 3 November 2004

still waitng for result!!!!

It is 08.42 in the morning and we still do not have a result from the US elections. It apparently hinges on Ohio, which is too close to call and I am resigned to the fact that President Bush has won re election. The result surprises me and deeply worries me for the next four years.

Who will be next in the War on Terror, how many more illegal wars and dodgy intelligence, the thought frightens me and I just hope and pray that Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate might scrape through, wishful thinking I know.

I have to say John Kerry fought a courageous campaign with strong views and his message of hope was inspirational to many. Us Europeans cannot understand why the American people still vote for a president who stole the previous election, lied over Iraq and has the Country deficit levels at record high. I suppose the commentators will comment on this.

I still have a glimmer of hope Senator John Kerry will win. Let you know soon

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