Friday, 4 June 2004

It's Friday!!!!

Well it's the weekend again, it's only been a four day week but so glad it's friday. Well i'm attending the Sunni Seal of Prophethood International Conference in Birmingham on Sunday. It's a conference about Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as the seal of the Prophets. We in the Sunni group believe there will be no prophet after him and that he is the seal of prophet, anyone claiming to be a prophet is a imposter and liar. Over 200 Muslim scholars will be there, can't wait.

Work is great, I'm on a Management Development programme in Work and have been chatting to my Mentor, she's quite high up in the Orgnanisation and i'm looking forward to her help, support and friendship. The hard work now starts!!!!

That's it really for now, will post my comments on Tuesday as i'm in meetings all day on Monday, have a good weekend

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