Monday, 6 June 2011

UK Government new Prevent strategy

The threat from terrorism is real and events like this require communities and Governments to come together to tackle this evil menace from our country. Sadly the Government’s new Prevent strategy seeks to promote the same worn out policy that has failed to achieve success and has led to alienation in the Muslim community

To label all Muslims who promote and practice Sharia law as extremists is a dangerous precedent which will be strongly opposed by our community because the real reasons behind this new strategy is to score cheap political points on the back of the Muslim community. With respect to the Prime Minister and his Ministers Freedom, Democracy, human rights and equality are not British values, they are human values that are enshrined in many faiths including Islam. Adopting a heavy handed approach will lead to more mistrust, division and is not the right strategy to protect our country from terrorism and extremism

Sharia law is a central pillar of our lives for Muslims and nothing any Government Ministers say will stop us using Sharia law to ensure we support our neighbours (Muslim and non Muslim), help the needy in our society, promote equality, fairness and justice.
Holding extremist views is not illegal, just look at the EDL and BNP, this Prevent strategy must be about tackling those extremists that use terrorism and brainwash people and also include the evil of the far right.
This dangerous escalation of attacks on Islam and Muslims will lead to further division and make the task of tackling extremism more difficult. It is interesting that the Government has no strategy to deal with the evil far right like the EDL and BNP. Over the past two years millions of pounds have been wasted in public funds policing these extremists who march our streets and attack our faith and community – no mention of how this Government will deal with these fanatics
The Liberal Democrats spent many years in opposition decrying Labour’s Prevent strategy often urging dialogue and engagement with the Muslim community and not demonisation but now in Government they sit silently as the Conservatives demonstrate their machoism. They should be ashamed of themselves and the Muslim community will not forget their silence in a hurry. Nick Clegg and Liberal Democrats have failed to stand up for their liberal values and this is a sad day for Liberalism.
The Muslim community will continue to take on the terrorists and we will work with the Police and Intelligence Agencies and will not rest until our country is safe from these evil crimes, the terrorists do not act in the name of Islam. But we will strongly oppose attacks on our faith and community from whatever quarter.

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