Friday, 8 June 2007

No matter what people do, they will never be able to change Islam!!!!

Over the past few weeks we have watched UK Government Ministers talked about the moderate version of Islam, how these groups should stand up and speak and change Islam. We have never seen Islam changing because Allah has protected the Deen and perserved the faith. No matter what humans may do or try they will ultimately fail as Allah is the best of planners.

This does not mean we in the Muslim community do not have any problems, we have an issue with a very small minority of people who wish to kill innocent people indiscrimnately, they claim to be Muslims but the Scholars are clear that Islam does not sanction the killing of innocent people. We have an Islamic duty to take them on and defeat their views and help them reform because how can our faith be hijacked in this way.

I am proud that the work I have contributed to the debate is welcomed by all sides as principled, honest and frank about the challenges we face. As British citizens we have a duty to ensure that we live by the rule of law and that we celebrate our achievements and contributions to British society either politically, socially, economically etc.

Having said this we have seen a supposely Centre Left Government take away individual civil liberties that took hundreds of years to get and many lives were lost fighting for them. The Government has passed legislation that takes away presumption of innocence and the right to a fair and open trial, we have seen over 22, 000 stop and searches done to minority communities under the Anti Terror laws in London, only 23 arrests, we have seen thousands of innocent people arrested, humilated, discrimanated and tarnished without a single apology. This is no way to defeat terrorism.

The biggest recruiting sargeant for terrorists is the double standards in UK foreign policy, the illegal war in Iraq, the blind support for Israeli aggresision against Palestinians and Lebanonese, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Garib scandal, when we see Muslims lands occupied and our people oppressed people go to the extreme. This is not my view but the view of Sir Michael Jay, Former Permanent Secretary at the Foreign Office who said that by UK going into an illegal war in Iraq the UK was at an increased risk of terrorism.

I have been consistent in my opposition to terrorism and extremism and have also been consistent in opposing the Government on the many issues as described above, I will continue this work regardless.

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