Friday, 16 February 2007

Attending War crimes Conference in Malaysia

Last week I had the honour of being part of the UK delegation lead by the Ramadhan Foundation to the international Conference organised by the Perdan Global Peace organisation titled "Expose war crimes and Criminalise war", it was hosted by Tun Dr Mohamad Mahathir, 4th Prime Ministerof Malaysia at the Putra World Trace Centre, Kuala Lumpur. It was addressed by renowed international speakers from across the world with personal testimony from victims of war crimes - from Jenin in Palestine to Fallujah in Iraq, taking in Lebanon and Afghanistan.
The main aim of the Conference was to criminalise war and bring those who carried war crimes to justice, it saw a creation of a war crimes tribunal to trial George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and the other cronies who are responsible for the killings of many thousands of innocent people.

I was amazed by the humbleness of the Malaysian people, their hospitality and warmth. There commitment to diversity and multi culturalism is evident in the fact all religious holidays for all faiths Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist are celebrated as public holidays – can you imagine it being like that in the West!!!

(Tun Dr Mohamad Mahathir, Former PM)
Having travelled around the world apart from the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, this is the next best place. The balance of religion and secular is self evident in the buildings and financial companies based there

I would recommend the city to all, 2007 is their 50th anniversary of their independence and also Visit Malaysia 2007

I am now off to London to speak at the United against Fascism Conference, this conference will set out how to deal with the BNP and fascism, will report back on progress