Monday, 9 October 2006

For once John Prescott is right to defend freedom of choice 10/10/2006

Mr Mohammed Shafiq responds to John Prescott's appearance on BBC Sunday AM where he discussed the wearing of the veil, he is absolutely right that Muslim women should be free to choose how they should dress. This is a major part of a free society if you take this away you are left on the path to a nanny state.

I welcome the Government's reassurance that they do not intend to introduce any legislation to ban the veil in the United Kingdom. I praise those Ministers like Ruth Kelly, Patricia Hewitt, Alan Johnson and Tessa Jowell who have taken the extraordinarily step to speak against a Fellow Cabinet Minister.

Mohammed Shafiq comments:

" Who could believe that John Prescott would stand up for common sense and freedom of choice!! Despite his past problems and the disagreements I have with Government on other issues I am pleased to praise him in his defence of freedom.

Jack Straw and Phil Woolas should be more careful in the future and I suspect they will have a very hard time in the next election. "

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