Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Drug campaign on radio

A ROCHDALE community organisation tackling drug problems was the subject of a radio documentary.Ramadhan Foundation were followed by BBC Five Live for six months documenting their 'United Against Drugs' campaign.The Foundation, which also teamed up with Deen4All and Wardleworth for All, have been tackling drugs abuse by talking to drug dealers about the dangers of their activities in the community.They also waged a campaign against prostitution, reducing the number of street workers in the Deeplish area of the town.

Said spokesperson Mohammed Shafiq: "The Radio Five showed the world the other side of Muslims - the community focused people who want to clean the area of drugs and prostitution."Despite receiving death threats from certain people, we feel our campaign has had a big impact in the community."Prostitutes know they are not welcome and will be driven out and therefore we see less of them as well as the drug dealers."

Chairman of Ramadhan Foundation, Muhammad Umar added: "We thank the BBC for giving us the opportunity to show the listeners the work we are doing."

First published by the Asian News

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