Friday, 17 February 2006

My views on the week!!!

Tomorrow over 500 000 people will gather in London for a peaceful demonstration the cartoons that were published. This was pure hatred for Islam and Muslims, we must fight these people intellectually and in peaceful ways.

Let there be no defence of this despicable crime and let those people who carried out apologies for the sake of inter community relations.

The second issue I want to touch on is the current allegations against the Rochdale Committee for Islamic Affairs, this was set up recently and claims to be representative and also independent of party politics. This surprises me as the three main figures are active in the Labour Party, they have no Lib Dems or Conservatives on the group and also very selective in the work they carry out and people they have on the committee.

We the real Muslim representatives will shortly gather to begin the process to set up a new Group called Rochdale Muslim Council, it will have representatives from Mosques, community groups, voluntary organisations and individual Muslims in Rochdale. We will intend to show then how it is done. I abhor those that attack me and my party but on my face they are all nice, lets see an end to this.

Watch this space for further news.

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