Sunday, 22 January 2006

Lib Dem in Crisis

Todays news about Mark Oaten is really sad and challenging for the party, he accepts he has done wrong and has resigned as Home Affairs Spokesman, I hope this is the end of it. He needs privacy to deal with it with his family. I hope the media will leave him to it. Politics in the UK is a brutal game and today more people will be turned off coming into politics.

However we now need to have a strong leader, who can bring the party together and look to the future. Simon Hughes has the talent, strength, principles to lead the party towards the challenges ahead, I sincerely hope that the party will make the right choice so we can build for the future.

With Cameron's arrival on the scene, I think we will lose seats to the Tories at the next election, at the last election we achieved over 100 second places where next time we can win, these were all in Labour seats, we do not need to move to the right I think the best direction is to the left of New Labour, this is where we will win seats at the next election.

To that effect it is Simon Hughes who should be best for the leadership.


Anonymous said...

Why are you keeping quiet about Simon Hughes who has consistently lied over his sexuality.

Infact at the Bermondsey by-election he clearly labelled himself as the "Straight Candidate" which was a blatant lie!!

Your thoughts on this please!!!

Anonymous said...

Simon Hughes- Do you stand by him

mshafiq said...

I have not been quiet, Ithink it is time for the party to have a debate on policy and the direction we intend to go rather than people's personal lives.

Lets focus on that rather than tabloid headlines.