Thursday, 11 August 2005

Unity Convention a success

Hi All

The Muslim Unity Convention 2005 in Manchester was a great Success. There was over 2500 people there and the event was covered by over 70 different media organisations in the world. I am grateful for all the help and support we received from all the public. We have demonstrated to the world that the Muslims in the UK are peace loving and compassionate people.

I think it is important to clear any misconception about my comments at the Press Conference on Sunday, I did not say ban the BNP. I said if the Government was considering banning Hizb ul Tahrir that did not incite violence here in the UK then you need 't to consider this group.

To all those who called us extremists and terrorists, we have proven you wrong. It is time you all apologise to me and the Ramadhan Foundation.

Sepeak soon


Omar said...

Salam Brother Mohammed

It was really good to be there to discuss the real truth about islam - peace. It was also a good day for many muslims to unite as one.

Are there any plans for one next year inshallah?


Anonymous said...

Yes August 2006 in Manchester