Saturday, 23 July 2005

Muslim Unity Convention - Sold Out

Just to let you all know that the Muslim Unity Convention has sold out, please note there will be no entry to non ticket holders. There will be tight security on the day so no ticket no entry!!!

Thank you to all those who wrote in about the meda storm about Shaykh Yusuf Al Qadawi coming to the event, the Shaykh was an invited but not CONFIRMED guest, he has now pulled out of the event due to the media storm.

This is the first event of its kind in western Europe and if you do not have a ticket you can catch it on the ISLAM Channel on Sky channel 836 the day after (8-8-05)

Please let me have your thoughts and views about the dreadful events of the past two weeks.

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ChristopherBrooks said...

7/7 London “Terror”
Islamic Terror or Manufactured Nightmares?
by Christopher Brooks
29th July 2005

Are we really certain the “Muslim conspiracy theory” fits the facts and political realities?

If we believe the popular press reports and statements attributed to those charged with investigating the London Bombing event, the four Muslim men are already proven guilty as suicide bombers. Case closed.
Or is that just the perception intended though in fact when a serious analysis of all the claims, retractions and
suggestion are eliminated the case really has not been presented at all. The options are still wide open.

Could there be other possible explanations that could equally fit or better account for the facts and known character and background of these Muslim men? Their families and friends expressed utter shock and disbelief that these boys could have been responsible for the bombing as alleged. Is it impossible that the men are innocent?
Is it not possible that these men and their families and communities are the greatest victims of this crime? Readers, I plead with you to give some rational consideration to this possibility.

There is not the slightest hint of motive intent or ambition towards carrying out such a brutal criminal act in the lives and character of these young men. In fact their prospects were good and two had young families or expectant wives. I say this with the expectation that readers are intelligent enough to discard the habitual mischievous slanting of the mundane and ordinary as suspicious and radical. It would not be the slightest surprise to discover that these men had spoken in anger against the conduct of the UK and the US military in Iraq or even elsewhere. I do so myself. I believe it to be justified. It is hardly evidence of a murderous intent or unstable mind though of course clever phrasing and dishonest journalism can twist anything.
What other explanations might there be?

As I write this article the “bomb” pictures are released to the media suggesting 16 bombs were found in a car hired to these young men and left in a railway station car park. The variety of exhibits reminds me of a terror bomb exhibition. Is this evidence real or staged? Why would the suicide bombers go off to their death leaving an exhibition for the media in their car? If the young men are mere characters in a drama of another’s design then this exhibit makes a lot more sense. What might be revealed in a court of law about this “evidence”?

The innocent Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes killed in cold blood was maligned by claims that he ran from the “police” foolishly leaping over barriers wearing suspicious attire and “feeling” guilty about a visa problem.
Further information questions this whole apologetic script that now leaves many questions unanswered.,3604,1537457,00.html

The traumatised public have certainly had a familiar seductive scenario painted by a stream of “information” that often was contradicted the following day only to be once again contradicted the next day.
Speculative suggestion relying more on imagination and stereotyping seemed to be the order of the day.
Consider what may have been the judgement of our Egyptian biochemist if he had not been alive to defend his innocence. We were told his flat contained dangerous chemical explosive material. He was headlined as a
“master” bomb maker. Very fortunately he was alive and is now declared unconnected to the crime.
What about his “explosive material”. Could this have possibly been innocent elements in hair spray or tooth paste? Is this the standard of justice the dead men are receiving? Have we been possibly deceived with
ambiguous interpretations to fit the “official” theme.

We now live in an age were confronting the propaganda lies of Governments and demanding that our historical standards of proof and judicial process be upheld has become a revolutionary act. Dr Mohammed Naseem suggests that we may need to question what we are being presented.

He questions the reality and nature of Al Qaeda. British MP Robin Cook also drew attention to this question recently.,12780,1523838,00.html Why do many continue to pretend Al Qaeda is real?

Dr Naseen points out that there are still many unanswered questions in regard to the 911 US events. In Orwellian double speak this is declared despicable behaviour and even Gary Munro joins in the chorus in dutiful obedience. Every one of Dr Mohammed Naseem`s concerns are validated by thousands of web sites and hundreds of published books read and discussed by millions of people around the world. This growing spectre of concern and mistrust in the establishment view of our political realities is not confined to Muslims but is emerging in every part of the world and every walk of life.

Wild rhetorical conspiracy assertions are no substitute for answers to legitimate questions that point towards conspiracy fact. Of course crying “witch, to the stake” is effective in denying a voice to knowledge that is a threat to the ruling class. Some things never change. Tyranny always has it’s version of witchcraft.

It is not as if our Governments and their agencies have a track record that deserves much confidence or trust. The sorry and tragic saga of pre-Iraq war WMD propaganda lies demonising Iraq and Muslims still continues to this day. Reality is now viewed through a 911 Muslim conspiracy theory lens. It is standard practice to discard all evidence that contradicts this perception.

It cannot be avoided recognising that truth and honesty are often no longer evident in the behaviour and pronouncements of our political and military leaders as they wrestle with the threatening consciousness and perceptions of the public. Unless traumatised by fear, the unpalatable war policies would be rejected and civil liberties would never be surrendered.

Blair’s popularity, along with the broader international war agendas have been rescued by the London Bombings. Convenient is a word that comes to mind.

Why do intelligent commentators enthusiastically join the lynching of those asking valid questions in apologetic defence of politicians who have a blatant track record of lies and deception?

Freedom of speech should protect us against dominant ideas serving powerful agendas gaining a religious status beyond any critical questioning or examination.
Naturally, alternative explanations for the nature of things that threaten to expose ugly realities of power and its methods and strategies must be suppressed and marginalised.

This critical battleground of the mind and intellect is the front line of the “war on terror” and by all appearances
truth and intelligent free society is in retreat.

I hope we can think and rationalise our way to courageous rejection of the tyranny behind the propaganda lies.

If we are not successful I am certain we will all be delivered more frequent and murderous nightmares.