Wednesday, 20 October 2004

advise for managers on Ramadan

i think it is a good idea for non Muslims to have the advise and support on how to support their Muslim staff in carrying out their religious duties during this holy month. You can take this advise and come to some kind of mutual arrangement that allows staff to pray and break their fast and still carry out your business duties. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further advise or support by email at

Ramadan is a holy Religious Festival for Muslims. It is a month of fasting as an expression of discipline and thanksgiving for Allah. Ramadan began on 15 October 2004.

Muslims fast for a period of 30 days during sunrise and sunset. Whilst fasting the individuals will abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and do not allow any substance into their body. They may also wish to pray during working hours. The requirement and need to pray is a matter of personal choice based on the nature and depth of the personal and religious belief.

The festival of Eid ul Fitr is the festival to mark the end of Ramadan and will fall on 14 November 2004.

As part of respecting the religious beliefs of others, managers and staff are asked to recognise and consider the needs of Muslim employees who may wish to observe this month.

During Ramadan this can be done by:

Designating a specific area for prayers, for example use of first aid rooms.
Providing reasonable access to the area for prayers during working hours;
Adjusting staff rotas where possible to accommodate requests for leave for the Eid ul
Fitr festival; and
Being aware of the effects of fasting on people's well being.

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