Friday, 2 July 2004

It's Friday!!!!


It's seems like ages since i put anything online for you to read, let me begin by apologises, it's been very hectic at work and home. Hope you are all well and that wherever you are the weather is better than here, it's so not right having so much rain, cloudy, feels like autumn!!! and it's bloody July.
In my local community we have a massive problems of the prostitutes hanging around on our streets for business, this has brought kerb crawlers, pimps, drug dealers, drug users into our community. Old age pensioners, our mothers and sisters are unable to walk on the streets alone any more and a mad sex attacker is playing cat and mouse with the Police. We in the community have taken it upon ourselves to clear the prostitutes and kerb crawlers off our streets. For the past five days we have marched into the red light district and pushed the prostitutes and their pimps off the streets, we've threatened to take action against kerb crawlers and are working with the community to clean up our streets. Recently 2 Ladies were beaten up by the pimps and the Police took 6 hours to arrive, last night when a prostitute was pushed they arrived in 2 minutes, i kid you not this is what is happening!!! Direct Action to clear our community is the only option left to us and we will do whatever is necessary.

On the work front I am pleased to announce I have just recently been appointed the Jobcentreplus North West Regional Diversity and Equality Officer, despite the stiff competition I pulled it off and can't wait to start the new job. look froward to hearing from you all soon. Have a great weekend

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