Saturday, 27 December 2008

Gaza under attack by war criminals!!!

I strongly condemns the air strikes on Gaza by Israeli war planes, as there can be no justification for terrorism equally there can be no justification for this collective punishment of innocent children, women and people of Gaza.

These attacks are war crimes according to international law and its time for the international community to take action. Their continued support and permission for Israel just leads to more resentment and realisation that there is one law for the West and another for Muslims.

I am saddened that once again the British Government has justified the attacks and more or less given Israel permission to carry on, clearly now is the time for the UK to stand for the sanctity of human life. Biased one sided statements will alienate British Muslims further and do nothing to encourage confidence in this country.

It is now clear that the Israeli attacks are war crimes and its time for the unmoral and Nazi like regime in Israel to be held responsible. How can they justify killing hundreds of innocent people in this disgusting way.

I stand with the Palestinian people in Gaza during these difficult and dark days, their struggle against these war crimes will not end until their lives are as sacred as Western lives.

I am however disappointed by the biased statement issued by the FCO, once again they give Israel the right to break international law and kill innocent people, where is the justness that this discredited Government promised on foreign policy.

It is time for real action.

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